Thursday, November 3, 2022

 Checking out Two Delta Restaurants

It was not our objective to compare two Delta Restaurants; it was just by chance we happened to be in both. Sunday evening, we visited the new Matches Restaurant at the Delta Casino.  The fact that there was covered parking with an elevator up to the main floor kept us out of the rain. A good start. Located off the main lobby, away from the casino floor, was also a good idea. We were greeted at the entrance with a smile and quickly shown to a table of our choice.

The restaurant's interior was well-designed; the ambience was far superior to the Matches in the other casino we visited. If there was a negative, it would be the huge TV centred just above the table. 

Our server was excellent. We even enjoyed a chat with the manager. It is rare to see the manager delivering food and clearing tables.

I enjoyed their French Onion soup and chicken wing. Barbara had her favourite pasta dish. 

Mushroom Pesto Rigatoni

A most enjoyable meal. As for the wine we made it simple and went with the house red (Barb) and house white (me). The house wines from Jackson- Triggs did not disappoint.

The following evening we found ourselves along with good friends Peter and June at the Riverhouse Pub. This was Halloween so the Pub was not busy.

We were surprised to find only one person working the Pub. It is a difficult task to handle the bar and take food orders. We were seated for some time before the young lady was able to greet us. She did so with a warm greeting and a nice smile. She suggest we move to a nicer, more comfortable table which we did.

She took our drink order. Before the drinks arrived, a second server showed up and took over our table. It was smooth sailing from there on. Barbara Peter and June had the Jackson Triggs Merlot, and I had the Gehringer Riesling. Both are excellent wines.

We all enjoyed our dinner. Peter especially raved about the Artic Char. I had my usual the Beef Dip.

Two enjoyable nights out No dishes.