Wednesday, October 21, 2020

 The Glass House Winery

The huge winery all by itself on "0"  Ave the road that separates Canada from the USA. The winery was originally opened by Arthur and Ingrid de Jong. Arthur owned a company that build glasshouse houses for farmers.

The de Jongs ran a very successful business with high quality wines. Joseph Richard Group has taken over the wineries operations in 2019 Under the agreement, the de Jong family will continue to own the property, while JRG operates the vineyard and winery.

Barbara and along with a friend visited the winery in early October. Besides a few more picnic tables we could not see ant changes since our previous visits.

Since the JRG owns and operates a number of restaurants throughout the lower mainland. I was expecting a better menu. However, the Crab dip, flatbread and charcuterie plate were all good.

As for the wines the Stellatus Brut Cuvee was very good the 2019 Bacchus amazing.

Saturday, October 3, 2020


Dining at Burrowing Owl Winery

All good things must come to an end, on our final night in the Okanagan we decided on dinner at  Burrowing Owl Estate Winery in Oliver. We booked at the winery over a week in advance of our trip but we could only get a 7;00 pm reservation proving balcony dining is popular during COVID 

We arrived a few minutes early and had to sit in the lobby of Sonora room until 7:20 before being seated on the deck.  I thought the restaurant could have seated us in the indoor section and offered a small glass of wine, or at least the opportunity to order a glass while we waited. We ended up with a very nice table in the corner.

In these times we do not blame the restaurant for the wait. However, the people who have finished dining and paid their bill should be aware that there is limited seating and should move along so the establishment can attempt to make a profit.


 We had a limited time to enjoy the view before darkness settled in.  If you look at the photograph at the top, the Sonora Room is located on the left side, second floor. We sat in the corner on the far left.

Our server was proficient, with excellent communication skills. The meal itself was outstanding, beef rib eye with sautéed mushrooms, wilted summer greens, parmesan-truffle polenta croutons, peppercorn sauce and the wine a 2018 Merlot, wonderful. It was a very enjoyable meal topped off by a couple of desserts. Rose and peach “Ile flottante”, soft-baked meringue, Calliope Gewürztraminer poached peaches, nut crumble and chocolate pâté, salted caramel, cocoa crumble, mint ice cream for dessert.

We had a most enjoyable time, a stupendous way to end our Okanagan trip.