Saturday, September 18, 2021


The Keg Whistler

For our final night in Whistler and to celebrate our 29th wedding Barbara and I along with friends Ken and Jane decided to dine at the Whistler Keg. It turned out to be a very good choice.

Our experience did not start out so well . Despite the car's guidance system, we had trouble finding the restaurant. After spending fifteen minutes driving around and failing to find the Keg we called the restaurant for help.

The problem being the Keg was located in an area designed for walking not for driving. Rob came on the phone and tried his best to help us navigate our way. Rob you were terrific. He guided us to the general area of the restaurant. I spot withsome hotel employees who were able to point us in the right direction to complete the journey. They did say one disturbing thing"there is no parking"

Ken managed to find a spot near the restaurant but a little far for Barbara whose COPD is a concern in cold weather. Barbara made the walk but was having some trouble as we entered the restaurant. Imagine our dismay when we were informed the restaurant was actually up a long flight of stairs.

We explained our concerns to the hostess and asked if they had an elevator. With a lovely smile the hostess said "yes" I can take you up in the elevator. The elevator was located in the hotel next door. The hostess guided us there. She remained with us all the way.

It was not a short walk and Barb's slowness was responded to by the hostess with a smile and always a kind word. We wish we had gotten her name. Her attitude and kindness were a comfort.

We made it up the elevator and to the door of the Keg where a young lady awaited us. She informed us that Ken and Jane were waiting for and she would guide us to the table. However, she quickly realized  Barbara was tired. She sat us in the nearest table.  She then went off to get Ken and Jane. She also quickly provide Barb with a glass of water. We were all extremely impressed with how the Keg staff handled the matter. We will always remember their concern and kindness.

It also seemed that everyone on the Keg's staff knew it was our anniversary and offered their congratulations. 

Shortly after been seated Rob arrived at the table. Although it was unnecessary he apologized for not providing us with better direction. Rob is the Keg's Culinary manager. He took the time during his busy dining schedule to help and come to the table. Now that's how to run a successful restaurant. Thank you Rob.

Our waitress Christine was a delight. She provided us with an Anniversary complimentary Margitritas. For every request, we made she responded with a smile and a cheerful "yes". Her service was total perfection.

We relaxed and enjoyed a very nice meal. Ken and I had the Prime Rib. Barbara had the Pistachio Crusted Salmon. Jane enjoyed a Blacken Chicken Oscar.

On our way out numerous staff members thank us for coming and said good night. Some even extending anniversary congratulations.

It was a wonderful evening with good food wonderful hospitality. 

Thank you Whister Keg your staff did you proud!