Sunday, July 11, 2021

 Blind Tasting

On a warm summer's day, Barbara and I joined our friends, June, Peter, Jane, and Ken in our yearly ( actually, we pay three times a year each couple hosting) bocce ball game. We gathered at  Ken and Jane's. The day starts with the actual game followed by appetizers and wine. The hosts also provided dinner.

As we settled in after the game. I introduced a surprise wine for a blind tasting.  I prefer white wine, especially on a hot summer's day. Barbara and our friends prefer red; especially Ken and Peter.

I was definitely expecting negative reviews from Peter and Ken since the wine was white.

They surprised me. Everyone seemed to like the smooth fresh taste of the wine.  Positive comments were provided by everyone. Numerous guesses were made by everyone as to what the wine was. I had them enjoying a product they most likely would never have bought. 

I was even more surprised when Peter said it was good and requested a second glass. Wow! Even Ken had a second glass as did June. June and Barbara had mentioned one of the flavors of the wine was honey. I thought June may have been going in the right direction.

The wine was a Mead! Juno Melomel( dry pear) from Festina Lente Estate Winery  in Langley Township. 

I believe I now have a few more people interested in Meads.

On a side note, the afternoon and evening were a major success with a very delicious dinner provided by Jane and Ken. A BC wine, Seaside Pearl The Connaught-Syrah received better reviews than a more expensive wine from Spain.