Saturday, April 15, 2023


Good Bye Sumac Ridge

Since 1975 the success of the Canadian wine Industry has prospered. They produce wines equal to any of those produced by the old world. 1975 was the year Inniskillian opened under co-owners Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser. 

Not long after in 1979 Harry McWatters and Lloyd Schmidt founded Sumac Ridge. It became a stable among BC wine lovers. Sumac Ridge was the first BC  Okanagan winery produce a Sparkling wine. They also became know for their port -style wines. The winery was sold to Vincor International  in 2000. 

In 2016 Vincor's Canadian interests were bought by the Ontario Teacher's Pension found. They changed the Name to Arterra Wines Canada.

The history of Canada's wineries shows a continuous pattern of opening and closing, bought or sold. Sadly Arterra has decided to close the winery as of April 15th 2023.

Sumac was the first BC winery to produce Meritage and the first to sell wine at $50.00. They were know for their Stellar Jay Sparkling wine. The first to have a restaurant in the Okanagan.

Although the winery is gone the Label will be retained the wines will be produced at Arterra's Oliver facilities.

It is sad to see these wineries go. Us older folks will remember Cartier Wines, T G Brights Wines, Victoria Wine, Jordan Wines, London Winery, Chateau - Gai, Calona Wines and so many others.

It is a changing world.

Noted Winemaker and Consultant made this statement

Until large wine corporations realize they are buying more than a brand, this will happen at property after property. Before being purchased, these places were what connected the wine lover to the brand. Not only the places, but more importantly, the people that welcomed you, gave anecdotes, made travel recommendations, and allowed you some quiet time to sit with a special person.

Please read

Harry McWatters

History of Canada's Wineries

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

 Whitespot Tsawwassen True Hospitality 

In the past week I have had the pleasure of visiting the Tsawwassen White Spot Twice. Each visit had me impressed with their hospitality, exquisite. breakfast and cleanliness. Here is the story of my second visit. The first visit having encouraged me to return 

It all began with the ease of parking, a handicap spot for my wife, close to the front door and it just got better. 

How many restaurants do you go do that the front door is covered in fingerprints! Cleanliness begins outside the building and continues through. Yes I was impressed. 

Once inside we were greeted by two hosts. They had smiles and a warm greeting. They chatted for a few moments before the young lady showed us to the booth requested by my wife. 

We were just settling in when the manager Randy came by and chatted with us. Recalling how Tsawwassen has changed over the years 

As we chatted our server came by and stood at the ready. I quicklu asked for two coffee extra cream. Moments later a steaming hot coffee was placed before us. 

I ordered the same dish as my previous visit 

Nat's Hearty Breakfast 17.99 

Two eggs any style, with bacon, back bacon OR sausage & your choice of toast OR buttermilk pancakes OR half waffle. Smashbrown potatoes OR shredded hashbrowns. 

Barabara went with Randy's recommendation.

Prawn & Avocado Toast 19.99 

Home-style sourdough with avocado, bacon, Louisiana spiced prawns & charred cherry tomatoes. Two poached eggs, hollandaise & green onion. Endless smashbrown potatoes OR shredded hashbrowns. 

Barbara was in heaven A fantastic dish. Our server was a delightful young lady and greatly contributed to the enjoyment of the meal. Today we did not indulge in any wine. However, the restaurant does have a nice selection of BC Wines.