Tuesday, December 14, 2021

 Best Wineries to Visit in 2022

We have to take this opportunity to brag about the website winesofcanada.com. It represents a great deal of hard work and dedication. So far in 2021 the most popular page has been The Best Wineries to visit in 2021. It was a little unexpected as the number one page since it was first posted in 2015 has been The Wineries to Watch .

The new page release today has taking four month of research to complete and it most likely will not please everyone. With well over 1000 meaderies, Cider Houses and Wineries in Canada someone who deserves to be on the page will be left out. Some wineries were omitted because they did not respond to information request.

This year (2022) the list of wineries to visit is bigger than ever! In less than two hours of been uploaded it has received over one hundred hits from 7 different countries.

The wines of Canada website started in 1992. It has been a good thirty years. We have tasted some very good wines over the years. 

In recent years the cider industry has taken off. We tip our hat to those producers and also to the meaderies. 

As the year draws to a close we wish everyone a safe, healthy and Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!

The Best Wineries to Visit in 2022

Saturday, December 11, 2021