Sunday, May 15, 2016

The World Knows it!


Here in Canada, we make wine. We make outstanding wines. Wines that are known around the world; from China to England and into Russia. Major wine writers that only a few short years ago ignored our wines; today they are shouting and applauding our wines.

The world knows our wines, but does Canadians!   We like to visit places like the Okanagan and the Niagara Peninsula, but we were doing that before the wine revolution. Who buys Canadian wine for their dinner party? For their wedding? Who orders Canadian wine when dining out.

When visiting wine shops, I watch what people are buying. It is not BC wines ( I live in BC) I most cases its whatever is on sale. Canadian wines are seldom on sale. I have been to the grocery store three times to check on their VQA wines. Besides the staff, I was the only one there.

The last four wineries I visited I was the only one there. Why not take a nice drive through this beautiful land of ours and visit a winery bring along a picnic lunch or enjoy a cheese tray on the wineries patio. Some wineries even have restaurants with world class chefs.

Come on Canada our wineries produce some of the world’s best wines and your serving me California wines at your dinner party.  Please support our wineries you will be glad you did.

Recently my wife and I have visited Chaberton Estate Winery, Township 7, Mt Lehman and Singletree.

Recent wines enjoyed at home  are listed here.  Canada’s wine regions listed here.