Monday, September 26, 2022

 Ocean Park Pizza and Steak House

Barbara and I are in Abbotsford , British Columbia, pet sitting. On our first night here we visited Ocean Park Pizza and Steak House restaurant. It is located in a strip mall which does not provide the most attractive first impression. Although a small restaurant the interior was cozy and inviting. We were greeted the moment we entered the door and quickly seated. 

It did however, take the server a little too long to approach the table.  When she finally arrived it was with  a nice greeting along with a friendly smile. She inquired about a drink order. Normally we would select a wine but their wine list was shall we say not to our likely. It provided two non VQA BC wines from major producers, there was no wines on the list from the near by wineries. What a shame!

They did have an extremely large menu featuring all the pasta, chicken and rib dishes associated with an Italian restaurant. They even had a selection of Greek dishes. There was as the name suggested numerous steak options. Their feature item was Prime Rib. The pizza selection perhaps the longest list I have ever seen.

Although the server was busy she was quite charming. We noticed that their take out service was quite  busy. We also noticed by the staff response to guest arriving these were regular customers of the restaurant.

Barbara ordered Chicken Fettuccine and I  the Super Hawaiian Pizza. We were both extremely happy with our selection. Yes. it is a restaurant we would return to, although I do hope they improve their wine list and seek out some local wines.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

 Return to Atlas Steak and Fish House

When you find a really good restaurant, one tends to anticipate a quick return. Such is the case with the Atlas Restaurant at the casino in Langley, BC. 

It was our thirtieth wedding anniversary, and we could think of no better place to go than the Atlas. We settle on going for happy hours. Very good BC wines for only 6$ a glass. Those delicious prime rib sliders for just $5.oo, I had two. Barbara had two lobster rolls. We also enjoyed a rather large house salad with organic greens, poached pear, candy cane beets, candied pecans, goat cheese, orange segments, and white balsamic vinaigrette.

Our server was Eric, who was doing the Bartending duties that evening. Eric provided service beyond the call of duty, providing a most memorable experience. John, the restaurant manager, also stopped by and chatted with us. Also visiting our table was Tracy, a server ( a most charming lady) we had known from another great restaurant in Tsawwassen.

The highlight of the evening beyond Eric's impeccable service was "the" Baked Alaska; the dessert was lambéed table side by Eric It featured. raspberry coconut ice cream, lemon sorbet, orange vanilla cake, all topped with Italian meringue. Barbara would not let me order a second one...

A video can be found on facebook

Saturday, September 10, 2022

 Two Family Owned Restaurants 

Two Stones Grill

A small family restaurant in Tsawwassen Mills. Here is where you find good food at every responsible prices. Its not fancy! Popular lunch items include a Cheese Burger, fries and Caesar salad for a prices less than you would pay at the near by Fast Food Restaurant. 

Barbara and I often drop in for their Steak Specials. If the special is New York Staek and Prawns. Been allergic to Prawns Barbara gets a double order.

You may even get served by the owners daughter. Like we did last time we were there. Our wine was poured by the owner himself. One feels every comfortable here at Two Stones Grill.

Delphi Brunch Cafe

Located in a small strip mall in Langley (100 - 20121 Willowbrook Dr,) The restaurant specializes in Bruch and lunch items. It is extremely popular we had to wait 25 minutes for our table. One customer leaves another sits down. Considering how busy it was the service was good. 

The waitress was most charming. The food extraordinary... the portions rather large. The price most reasonable..

The atmosphere is lacking but you are there for the food.