Sunday, April 7, 2013

Connecting with the Wineries
Connecting with the Wineries
With over seven hundred wineries in Canada It’s a difficult task keeping track of all the changes happening with the wineries. In recent years social media has made it easy to stay connected. But there are wineries that simply ignore me.
Perhaps with TV and radio stations now paying more attention to our wines and so many (too many bloggers) jumping on the band wagon a website than has  been supporting our wineries for twenty years is not that important.
Last week at the IslandWineries Annual Spring tasting I came across a winery that has never answered my e-mails or returned my phone calls that would be Domaine Rochette  in Saanich I questioned them about the lack of contact and received an accuse. They gave me a card with an e-mail address and promised they would respond. Sorry Domaine Rocette but that e-mail came bounching back three times I tried. I then looked up your website and used that e-mail connection. I have not heard from you.
There are others that do not answer. Most of the Quebec wineries do not respond. Maybe they prefer I e-mail then in French but sorry my junior high French I have long forgotten. But Ontario wineries like Fielding Estate Winery, Alvento, Angels Estate. Between the Lines   and Andrew Pellers Ltd are among the non responders.
There are even some wine associations that do not respond. Over the years the Nova Scotia Wine association use to be a good resource however today it is run by a new group who do not respond.
Back in BC where I live Bonaparte Bend, Chase and Warren, Desert Hills, Fairview Cellars, Young & Wyse Collection and Thornhaven Estate Winery are among those who never respond. If you place contact information on your website have the decency to respond please.
It is a times extremely frustrating especially when you meet some owners face to face and they promise to send the information you ask . But it never comes.  I  re ask and yet they do not respond. I still freely list the winery I still support them no one is left out  I seek out the information..  I do not get paid to do this
Andy Gebert of St Hubertus Winery said to me at the VQA Tasting event.  You and your website are a God Sent to Canadian wineries. Wineries should be bending over backwards thanking you.
If only Andy If only
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