Monday, April 14, 2014

Off In Arizona

Here we are in Sun City Arizona. It is a little warm compared to back home in British Columbia. Sun City has more shopping than bus stops. Each one has numerous places to buy wine. Costco has wine, Safeway has wine and the corner store has wine.

All the shelves are stacked full of a multitude of wines two or three bottles of each label all crowed together; mostly from California. Pricing runs from $2.99 up to $30.00. Trader Joe's has it's supply of Charles Shaw two buck chuck wine. Their signage claims they sell more wine than anyone else. I took a pass on this wines. There were numerous wines at the next price level of $3.49
I decided to try a fw in the $6-$9 range

I think living here were the prices are more reasonable and produces are seen so often I would buy more wine.

But to be honest so far they have not equaled the quality of Canada's wines. I will have to up my price level to the $20.00 mark to do a better comparison. In fact I think I will walk down to the corner store and select one now. Maybe one from Oregon.