Monday, November 22, 2021

 Home Cooking !

Barbara and I just returned home from a four day stint  of pet sitting in Tsawwassen. The best and most enjoyable part, was the two invites to our friends home for dinner.  Thankfully our friends always enjoy a glass or two of fine Canadian wine.

On our first night in Tsawwassen we were invited to join June and Peter on a Thursday evening. Thursday is important because that is Peter's night to prepare diner. On this Thursday Peter was preparing his special Baked Beans. If Peter was to can these beans he would put Libby's beans out of business. They are that good! 

The wine, for red, was Ink Red Rebel. A nice red blend offering black and red fruit flavours. I, myself chose the Ink Pinot Grigio. The Pinot Grigio was refreshing, light, with nice fruit flavours.

It was a pretty amazing meal. Thank you June and Peter.

The following evening once again we met up with June and Peter this time at the home of Jane and Ken. We started mid afternoon playing Ramoli. My five amazing friends are all red drinker. Where as I prefer to enjoy a fine white wine. 

Once seated at the card table Ken present me with a glass of white wine. Upon my first sniff of the wine I had a pretty good idea of what the wine was. My first sip confirmed my assumption. A Bacchus from Chaberton Estate Winery. Bacchus is one of my favourite wines.

Once Barbara and I had defeated (lol) everyone at Ramoli it was time for diner. A Beef Bourguignon to die for. It was amazing. The wine a Cabernet Franc 2019 from Church & State Winery. The perfect wine for a perfect diner.

Barbara and I consider ourselves to be so very lucky to have such very good friends. Friends who enjoy the fruits of Canada's wine industry as much as we do and are excellent chefs too!

Monday, November 15, 2021


wines, often referred to as blush wines or written rosé , are wines typically made with red grapes but that have a much lighter color than red wine due to the way the wine is made

Rosé versus Blush 

Many people use the two terms interchangeably, but there actually is a slight difference. Any wine called a rosé is made from juice left in contact with the skins for an hour or so. Rosés are never a blend of red and white wine, while blush wines may be made using either method. Therefore, all rosé wines are blushes, but not all blushes are rosés. 

Rosé is a term describing the French technique for making wines ranging in color from grayish pink to very dark pink. In recent years, the trend has been to use the term rosé instead of blush. While the results may be similar, wines labeled as blush wines tend to be more mass-market wines made in large lots as opposed to the carefully crafted small batches of rosé. 

Some good producers are

Lunessence Winery & Vineyard, BC

Hillside Winery  BC      

Monte Creek Ranch Winery         BC    

Corcelettes Estate Winery            BC         

Dover13 Wines & Spirits Ltd.       ON  

Two Sisters Vineyards    ON        

Byland Estate Winery     ON         

Diamond Estate Wines   ON          

The best wines to match with Rosé are Chicken and Salmon. Another good match would be Duck.
Traditional Portuguese Rose with a touch of sweetness go well with salads.
Zinfandals on the lighter side go with spicy food and maybe even dessert.

For a Sparkling Rosé bring out the lobster.

Monday, November 1, 2021


Pork Tenderloin

The tenderloin is the mildest and most tender of the pork loin cuts. Also, it’s a thinner cut and therefore a thinner roast, needing careful cooking to retain the natural juices. It is one of my favourite meals. We cook our in the air fryer. 

The main question is what wine to server with Beef tenderloin. The selection of choices is quite expansive.

I personally like Bacchus with its light crisp flavours. A Bacchus goes well with all pork dishes. 

Petit Milo also is a good choice with flavours of apricot, white peach and green papaya. Due to its small berries and thick skins, it is packed full of flavour to accompany its wonderful texture. Armed with a crisp finish, Petit Milo brings an exotic flair perfect for a wide array of foods. Try it with pork chops!

Many wine and food writers will suggest that how the pork is prepared and cook detwrmines the what wine is best. There is some truth to that. A sample of this would be a pork roast done with Rosemary and garlic, the suggest wine is Sauvignon Blanc.

Gewurztraminer is a good choice for sweet and tangy pork. If you like a nice gravy over your roasted pork try a Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris. Best to use a herbal gravy.

Now if you must have a red wine a Merlot works well with the classic fatter pork roast.

Pork Tenderloin can often be slightly try after baking in the oven.  A light bodied Chardonnay will do the trick, Prefer a red try a Zinfandel or Grenache

Tonight we are going to air roast our pork tenderloin with carrots and small potatoes. Our wine choice an Ortega from Chaberton Estate Winery in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.