Thursday, August 3, 2023


One meal that I  really enjoy is Schnitzel. Schnitzel is a selection of meat pounded thin and coated with bread crumps and spices. It then fried. Its origin is German/Austrian

It is often made with veal or pork It can be made from various kinds of meat such as chicken or turkey.

Selecting a Wine to go with Schnitzel is simple enough. The key been the breaded meat and fried. So a medium to low acidity is best. A low tannin red can work well. Try to avoid a full body red.

Any red with more than 13.5 % alcohol is considered full body Examples would be Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

A light body red such has a Pinot Noir would have less than 12.5 % Alcohol

A fruity white is also good. Light bodied. A Riesling works as does a Chenin. I like to have a Pinot Grigo.

Gewurztraminer is also a good pairing.

I also suggest you serve mash potatoes, green Beans and Brussels Sports with the Schitzel.

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